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Strategy & Policy

Whatever you’re in business to achieve, it always starts with a strategy. Your strategic process defines the opportunity, your target market and how you aim to impact on it. 

This can range from a better/faster way to do something well understood (such as building build a tool to crawl websites looking for consistent attributes) through to introducing a whole new kind of general-purpose technology (like AI). 


I believe that a strategy focused on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is highly effective. It enables early customers to experience your tech the best you and your team can make it, and provides the honesty and flexibility to pivot when evidence shows things aren’t working.


The right policies create an ecosystem where new tech can thrive and there are equal opportunities for participants. The challenge is for lawmakers and innovators to understand where the other is coming from and what they are doing. Whether leading roundtables and trade associations, advocating for data unions or spotting opportunities along with the challenges of new regulations, interpreting and influencing policy is a key pillar of my work.  

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