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Blockchain, AI & Data Unions

It’s been an interesting digital journey from financial services through to Privacy Technologist but along the way, three areas in particular have struck me as the most relevant and far-reaching. 

  1. My view of Blockchain as a technology looking for a solution changed when I saw how a public statement of record solved one of the big problems in data; that each company ‘marks their own homework’ when it comes to governance. I led a VC-backed startup to explore this, launched our own crypto token and learned lots about product market fit here.

  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has received levels of attention and funding which befit the first new type of general-purpose technology to arrive since the smartphone. We’re just at the start of AI’s journey from experiment to widespread adoption with much of that taking place on our own devices. There’s determination from lawmakers worldwide to avoid this technology engulfing our privacy and human rights, and I’m excited to be part of this process in the UK.

  3. With data being used as the ‘lube’ in giant engines of tech and e-commerce, we need human-sized institutions to represent citizens when it comes to our data rights and value, creating a level playing field for businesses who want to use data ethically. That’s where Data Unions come in; I’ve been associated with the movement from the early days and now advise some of the largest in Europe which are now being referenced in EU legislation. You can read more about this journey here.

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