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“The UK's leading Privacy Technologist”​ - IAPP

Welcome! I’ve been at the intersection of technology, regulation and personal data for over a decade, from the arrival of the EU cookie laws through to GDPR, blockchain and now AI. 

Along the way I’ve founded, grown and exited startups which now power 80% of the EU’s cookie banners, put data wallets on people’s phones and helped companies go beyond compliance; to practical, consistent application of commercial data ethics. 


I now work with multinational companies, government organisations and projects in the following ways:

  • Embedded in your team, working to devise, build and iterate products 

  • As a consultant carrying out a focused advisory, analysis or fundraising project

  • As an advisor or NED providing independent strategy, expertise and connections

  • As a media representative or trainer - in house, for events or remotely


I contract with clients through my CyberEssentials-approved company PrivTech, am a certified IAPP member and sit on the advisory panel of the UK’s data marketing and AI regulatory bodies. 


To discuss a project, speaking opportunity or introduce yourself click here and I’ll get back to you. You can also connect and learn more from my Linkedin profile. 

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